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Lactation Education:



Health Science Courses:

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  • Candidates must achieve a passing grade in each of the following courses.  The course must be offered by an accredited institution of higher learning.

    • Sociology

    • Cultural Awareness, or Cultural Anthropology Biology
    • Human Anatomy

    • Human Physiology

    • Infant and Child Growth and Development

    • Introduction to Clinical Research

    • Nutrition

    • Psychology or Counselling Skills or Communication Skills

    • Sociology or Cultural Sensitivity or Cultural Anthropology

  • Candidates must obtain a certificate of completion from an accredited institution of higher learning for the following subjects:

    • Basic Life Support

    • Medical Documentation

    • Medical Terminology

    • Occupational Safety and Security for Health Professionals

    • Professional Ethics for Health Professionals

    • Universal Safety Precautions and Infection Control

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