Recognition of the Profession

The AQC's priority is to gain recognition for the IBCLC profession in Quebec. Their presence in the healthcare network is an important step towards equitable access to essential and specialized breastfeeding healthcare for families in need. The AQC's Recognition Committee has been working towards this goal for several years.

AQC has developed tools ready for use by IBCLCs and the public for IBCLCs recognition.


Demande officielle d'appui du réseau de la santé (in French only)

Lettre d'appui aux demandes de reconnaissance des IBCLC au ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (in French only)

(Please send this letter to


Letter to send to your MNA to obtain their support in the implementation of regulation, monitoring and enforcement of the Code and subsequent AMS resolutions in Canada

Letter for your MNA (in french only)