A Word From The President

It is an honour for me to preside over the Association québécoise des consultantes en lactation certifiées. In keeping with the AQC's mission, together with the members of the Board of Directors, I am committed to continuing the work of promoting and recognizing the IBCLC profession.

Our healthcare system benefits from better breastfeeding support. The AQC advocates for the recognition and positioning of IBCLC lactation consultants within hospitals, medical clinics and community settings, to ensure the accessibility and integration of lactation care for all Quebec families. The AQC is also committed to raising public awareness of the profession, so that families can be our partners in advocating for a more equitable healthcare system.


I would like to thank the members of the Board of Directors for their collaborative work and dedication to the association. The members of the Board are very involved in numerous projects aimed at increasing our visibility, as well as offering high-quality continuing education to our members through our Petites Soirées and the annual Grande Conférence. I would also like to highlight the involvement of our volunteer members and the time they devote to the various AQC projects. I'm very proud of the work they do, and grateful to them for supporting the AQC year after year.

I commend the IBCLCs of Quebec for their commitment to providing the highest quality of care to breastfeeding families. The AQC is here for you and invites you to join us. Together, we can promote the profession of IBCLC lactation consultant.

Eden Bertrang, IBCLC