IBCLC Certification

The 'IBCLC' accreditation is the only globally recognized certification for breastfeeding professionals. Seeking assistance from an IBCLC ensures that the professional possesses the latest knowledge and expertise required to provide specialized lactation services.

Other healthcare professionals and stakeholders are obviously called upon to offer care and assistance to families regarding breastfeeding. Nurses, doctors, midwives, breastfeeding volunteers, pharmacists, etc., also provide valuable assistance. However, specialized support may be necessary in certain situations.

Vigilance is essential when seeking a professional for breastfeeding assistance. Titles such as 'Specialist', 'Counselor', 'Supporter', 'Intervener', or other designations are not regulated and cannot attest to a person's competence. It's even possible that advice or care provided by an untrained individual could be detrimental to the progress of breastfeeding.

The IBLCE is an independent organization that oversees the requirements of the IBCLC profession and governs the entrance exam. It is the IBLCE that acts as the professional order for IBCLCs worldwide. To verify if someone is certified by the IBLCE, visit the page


If you believe that an IBCLC does not adhere to the standards of practice and the code of ethics of their profession, a complaint can be filed with the IBLCE, who can investigate the individual.

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